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We simplify IT

IT isn’t just something we do. To us, IT is a way of life. We love this stuff. We love the excitement that comes with staying on the cutting edge of technology. We love the challenges that come from making complex systems work together. We love the satisfaction of exceeding our clients’ expectations. We love IT.


With over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry we have seen a lot of changes. We have the knowledge and expertise to determine what is simply a trend and what is a technology of the future. We can leverage that knowledge to guide you to invest in systems and solutions that offer the lowest total cost of ownership and create long lasting value for your business.

We are better positioned to meet all of your technology needs because we have taken an organic approach to system integration. While there are plenty of great computer hardware companies, plenty of great cabling organizations, and plenty of great asset protection businesses, we, at Solid Security | Technology, have become great at making all of this work for you. We know that in the modern connected world all of these devices and solutions need to come together to work as a harmonious system. Our staff are trained, certified and experienced in all these areas so you can be confident you are getting professional systems and expert support to keep your business functioning and secure.


Solid Security is dedicated to securing your business’s property and valuable assets, while protecting your customers’ safety. Surveillance for parking lots, hazard detection and response, and monitoring customers and employees are integral parts in securing the operation of your business.

“We provide high quality, cost effective solutions while delivering timely, professional and responsive service to keep your company’s assets, employees and patrons safe and secure.”


Our Services

Computer Hardware/
Software Sales & Support

When it comes to computers there are a lot of options these days. But how do you know what is a good deal and what isn’t? How do you know if you are buying quality components that are built to last? How do you know the manufacturer will be around to provide support if your systems ever fail?


When you partner with Solid Security | Technology you can rest assured we have determined the good from the bad. We work with several of the industries top companies to provide you with quality solutions that have proven themselves time and time again. In addition we have negotiated pricing so that we are able to sell you premium custom systems at big box store pricing.

Networking and Low Voltage Cabling

Your office cabling is the backbone of your IT infrastructure. Why would you ever trust this to a contractor that is not focused solely on low voltage? We are a licensed low voltage contractor throughout the southeast and have expertly trained staff that knows how to properly cable an office so that quality and performance are not degraded.


When it comes to networking there is a lot to know. Ethernet, Internet, Hub, Router, Switch, these are just a few of the everyday terms in networking, but what do they mean for your business? They can mean the difference in promptly billing your customers, missing that crucial email, slow internet speeds, or phone calls constantly being dropped. Let Solid Security | Technology design a network infrastructure that helps you meet the demand of a modern connected office. We have the knowledge and skill to engineer a system that will maximize your bandwidth and keep your system safe from unauthorized access.

Asset & Property

Property protection is a critical part of any office technology plan. From network security to burglar alarms and video surveillance, Solid Security | Technology has the resources to protect the things which matter most to you.Our staff has received some of the most prestigious certifications in the industry. We are constantly investing in training and resources…


Our staff has received some of the most prestigious certifications in the industry. We are constantly investing in training and resources to keep us ahead of the curve in this crucial area. With identify theft at unprecedented levels it is important, now more than ever, to secure your customers private information. This includes network security to prevent hacking of digital data as well as physical security to protect your business machines and confidential records. Let Solid Security | Technology custom tailor a solution for you that will allow you to monitor your asset even when you are away and give you peace of mind you deserve.


Whether you’re a two person office or a large multi-site company we are more than able to provide you with fast, efficient service for all your technology needs. We offer numerous support options from fee-for-service; low cost break-fix contracts to all inclusive service plans. Our service plans are a little different from our competitors in that they include any level service necessary…


to get you back up and running.We will respond to any service request in a timely manner and attempt to resolve any issues over the phone with your staff. If we are unable to resolve it over the phone we will remote in and diagnose and repair the issue to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. In the most difficult situations our staff will promptly dispatch to your site to correct the issue in person.

We use a powerful Remote Monitoring and Management Software to keep your systems running smoothly. This software can handle your components routine maintenance, critical updates, antivirus/antimalware protection, and even preemptive repairs as needed. Our Network Operations Center is constantly monitoring your network for unauthorized exploits, system failures or any other small issue that can become big problems if not detected early.

We know our business exists to keep your business running. Our staff enjoys the challenges of maintaining your systems and we provide polite and courteous customer support regardless of your level of association with us. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can increase the quality of your support you’re receiving while saving you money.